Available Add-on Modules

PA-ETEP enables you to do more with these additional features

Attachments Module

The ability to upload attachments is provided through the purchase of the Attachment Module. Learn more

Custom Form Module

Build custom forms for all of your employees. Learn more

Differentiated Observations

This module supports the Differentiated Observation process and allows a educational professional the ability to define their goal, focus areas, provide progress updates, and collaborate with their supervisor through the process. Learn more

NTPE Observations

A comprehensive look at the NTPE Observation module and a demonstration of how it will support the evaluation process for non-teaching professionals, principals, and administrators. Learn more

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

The SLO module provides a means for teachers to plan their Student Learning Objective and set it up according to state regulations to include the Classroom Context, Goal, Performance Measures, Performance Indicators, and Teacher Expectations. Learn more

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“PA-ETEP has been an easy tool to employ throughout the district. The teachers welcome the opportunity to have the conversation and feedback from the principals at each Domain development step. The PA-ETEP tool provides the needed information for teachers to prepare for the evaluation.”
“Many teachers have commented that the process, although intimidating at first, was a positive experience. [PA-ETEP] gave them the opportunity to reflect on their teaching and sometimes see things through a different lens.”