PA-ETEP Release Notes for Version 3

3.3.3 Release Notes


  • Updated navigation removes session based ids the were determined to be causing issues in both navigation and saving of some observations.
  • Use of the back button should prove less detrimental due to the navigation update.
  • Reloading a page will not fail if the session has expired.
  • A mail to link has been added to the Quick View to make contacting Teachers easier.

Formal Observation

  • Draft warnings have been updated to be more comprehensive.
  • Scheduling has been updated to send correct times
  • Schedule requests sent to Principals should now have the option to Accept where this was missing before.
  • Pre and Post observations will longer require the Principal to submit in order to be considered completed, only the Teacher.
  • The Quick View should now persist through all views of the formal observation.


  • The Differentiated observation will always start on the Action Plan step when first loaded to avoid confusion.
  • A ‘Current Section’ indicator has been added to help improve section visibility.
  • A submit confirmation prompt has been added with the section being submitted to help users avoid submitting sections they did not intend to.

Supervision Management

  • Overall loading speed has been improved.
  • Filtering options to find users in various states have been expanded.
  • A search feature has been added within the current filtering parameters.
  • Users per page allowed has been increased and will persist from visit to visit. This should allow tuning of size/vs loading time for more individual preference.
  • Paging has been improved and should be more reliable.
  • SLO Indicators have been added to the UI for districts with that module.
  • The activity Indicators have been tweaked and should only be visible when a value is present or when hovered over.


  • Auto save has been implemented in the comment system. Certain focus change events as well as a timer based event will trigger comments to auto save drafts or the current editing session automatically. This feature should not be relied on in place of manual saves.
  • Delete and publish should both provide warnings before the action completes.
  • Editing comments should now happen in place instead of below as before.


  • Date and time should now be accurately reflected for all scheduling requests.
  • For the request initiator you should now be able to ‘Accept’ the meeting invite properly as you will no longer be marked as the organizer.

3.3.41 Release Notes

  • Correct Pre and Post Observation status issue where edit link would not display after Teachers had submitted the section and Principals had been notified.
  • Correct Schedule notification issue where time was being sent 4 hours off set time.

3.3.42 Release Notes

  • Corrected issue where Principals, District Admins and PAETEP Admins loading user summaries for users with multiple NTPES would receive a generic error message.

3.3.43 Release Notes

  • Corrected issue where NTPEs who had completed Walkthroughs or Anecdotal notes could not view them.
  • Corrected issue where schedule requests were not being sent to users.
  • Corrected issue where Rubric sidebar would display principal selections to teacher before principal had submitted the rubric. Release Notes


  • The versioning format has been extended to 4 digits for development purposes.
  • A new NTPE Supervisor role with the same rights and access as Principals has been added.
  • The QuickView has been expanded to include an information icon that, when clicked, displays additional information about the user. This view will continue to be expanded over time
  • Clear User Cache has been added to the Info view. This can help when user roles have been changed and the views are not showing the correct observations for that user.
  • “Assign Admin for Selected Building” has been changed to “Add as Default Principal for SLO/NTPE notifications” in the Assignments Menu.
  • Version number and link to version and release notes added to footer.


  • Walkthrough – Anecdotal Notes domain language will use NTPE specific language for NTPE users. The Teacher role will always supersede NTPE Roles for these items.
  • ‘Remove Authentication’ feature for District Admins has been added for Formal and Differentiated observations
  • The text editor in the SLO module has been updated to be more in line with the comment editor. Spell check has been removed from the SLO editor as this was causing data to lost. Important Note: The SLO editor is not fully upgraded and does not implement autosave. Please save your work early and often.
  • 82 forms will now base their school year on the Period Beginning date of the form. When changed the School Year will adjust accordingly. Release Notes

  • Corrected issue where incorrect building ID for Teachers was being passed to the 82 form resulting in a ‘No Building Selected’ error message even when Teachers were assigned to buildings.
  • Posted informational link to User Management page for administrators. Release Notes

  • Added Print Friendly formal report to Formal Observations. This is available from the Formal Observation Overview and User Summary after the observation has been authenticated.
  • Updated summary controls for the Observation Summary to reduce layout crowding. Release Notes

  • Full printable reports have been added for the Differentiated, Walkthrough and Anecdotal Note observations.
  • In the scripting tool of the Formal Observation evidence can now be assigned to multiple components. To do so users can select the component area multiple times to select additional components, and deselect target components if they wish to remove them.
  • Notifications have been added to the Formal observation Summary and Authentication submission actions. Users will be notified by email when these submissions take place.
  • Comment artifacts in Differentiated Self-Assessment Rubrics has been removed.
  • Corrected typo in domain 1 side navigation of Self-Assessment Rubric. Release Notes

  • Added ability to deselect ratings when the target or evaluator is still in the rating phase.
  • Fixed the loading of NTPE Observations so that the correct resx files are loaded, even if the NTPE switches roles midway through the observation.
  • Updated language of Success message text when user submits updates to NTPE observation.
  • Fixed dates on NTPE observation being displayed in UTC format instead of local time. Release Notes

  • Added school year drop down to the Supervision Management page to manage previous school years.
  • Added functionality to paste tables into comments.
  • Enter key executes search feature on Supervision Management Release Notes

  • Principals can access building assignments.
  • Student learning objective module updates with new design and layout.
  • Student learning objective module now allows multiple observations.
  • Student learning objectives module now includes updated comment features.
  • Action icons are now included on user summary page to notify users of action needed.
  • Supervision management page now includes icons to show which observations are open.
  • Principals can access building assignments UI.
  • Evidence Editor – Domain 2 & 3 in formal observations are now combined.
  • 82-1 building score popup shows all scores for that year.
  • Bug fix – 82-1 form now allows to delete a building score row without failing. Release Notes

  • Teacher Specific Rating Calculators added.
  • 82 forms updated with preset ratings. Release Notes

  • Added TPES reporting tools for 82 rating forms. Release Notes

  • Implemented Principal SLO Module.
  • Corrected issues with submitting an SLO for finalization.
  • Corrected issues with Diff Notification throwing an error.
  • Corrected issues with the messages on the Supervision Management page.
  • Removed Tech Role privileges from School District Admin Users.
  • Corrected an issue where the SLO sub section was missing from the history page.
  • Corrected issues with emails when submitting walkthroughs.
  • Corrected an issue with the link in the email notification.
  • Corrected an issue with initiating Formal for users how have both NTPE and Teacher role.
  • The unassigned observations should now prompt the user to select a supervisor, or it can be modified by the PAETEPTechs.
  • Updated walkthrough notifications.
  • Corrected an issue with the formal observation print function. Release Notes

  • Improved performance across the system.
  • Enhanced the SLO module for principals.
  • Corrected issues with the Firefox browser’s printing of SLOs.
  • Corrected several bugs for the 82 rating forms:
    • Fixed an issue where certain inputs could cause the multiple building ‘% assigned’ would incorrectly sum to over 100%.
    • Fixed an issue where the multiple building ‘% assigned’ would incorrectly sum to over 100%.
    • Fixed an issued where out-of-range values could be entered for the correlational data rating field on 82-2 ratings.
    • Fixed an issue where automatic calculation of the default building score would not occur if no building score was entered in the multiple building calculator.
    • Fixed issue where 82-2 and 82-3 ratings displayed display “82-1” in the breadcrumb.
  • Added missing guiding questions PDF links for several of the NTPE user roles.
  • Corrected several spelling errors across the system. Release Notes

  • Launched additional observation tools for district administrators and principals.
  • Fixed issue where NTPE users could only have 1 observation open at a time.
  • Fixed issue with NTPE conference scheduler not showing.
  • Fixed SLO notification text.
  • Improved observation quick-view when switching school years.
  • Formal and Differential observation reports available at earlier stages.
  • Improvements to comment auto-save to ensure comments are always preserved.
  • Improved reliability when copying text from rich text sources. Release Notes

  • Platform updates to improve stability and performance.
  • Enhancements to security and passwords.
  • Password reset self service now available.
  • New Rubric layout.
  • NTPE language now available in observation rubrics.
  • Attachment functionality now available – add files to any observation.
  • Nontenured role now available. Release Notes

  • Update to allow district admins to upload PVAAS documents and view them on 82 rating forms Release Notes

  • Custom Forms released.