Browser Tools

Useful browser-related information for PA-ETEP users

Minimum Browser Requirements

For optimal performance and feature availability, we officially support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or greater
  • Firefox (latest release)
  • Chrome (latest release)
  • Safari (latest release)

Updating your web browser

If you are using your personal computer, please see the following for assistance checking your browser and getting updates:

External link:

If you are on a using a computer that was issued to you, please check your IT policy or contact your IT department for additional assistance with your workstation updates.

Is your JavaScript enabled?

This page indicates whether your browser has JavaScript enabled. Your results are here:

JavaScript is disabled.

The PA-ETEP application requires JavaScript for some features to function properly, which is a commonly used scripting language for the web. For more information about enabling JavaScript, please contact your IT helpdesk.

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