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Introducing the NTPE Observation Module. Use ETEP to evaluate Non-teaching Professional Educators.

Evaluate and track over 16 NTPE roles, from school nurse to directors.

New! Add Comments to Input Evidence

Use the comment area to input evidence for an observation.

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Get Started with the NTPE Module

Explore these resources and get your district started with NTPE Observations

NTPEs who have not registered and created an account should self-register using the Register link on their PA-ETEP portal. The registration process in PA-ETEP version 3 has been enhanced to be more user-friendly and secure. Please note, users are now required to validate their email address. Watch the “Overview Video” below for more information on the registration process.
Existing NTPE PA-ETEP account holders (previous registration or manual creation) will need to contact the District Administrator to manually update user roles in order to give NTPE users the proper access to their observation tools. For specific information about managing roles for NTPEs and other users, visit this documentation on Managing User Roles Manually with PA-ETEP

Video Tutorial

A comprehensive look at the NTPE Observation module and a demonstration of how it will support the evaluation process for non-teaching professionals, principals, and administrators.