Edulink Inc is an organization built around the spirit of helping others… in some ways, that’s doing our part to bring tools to educators, but in other ways, we are helping to bring tools and improve the quality of life of others.


Malayaka House

EduLink is proud to work with and support Malayaka House, and orphanage for abandoned and abused children in Uganda. About five years ago, we learned about the work of Robert Fleming and how he started Malayaka House with one child in 2005. Since that time, Robert has rescued 40 children for desperate situations and given them a chance at life. Malayaka House is unique in that it is trying to become self-sustaining. Robert realizes that the opportunities for a quality education and employment are rare in Uganda so these have become his priorities. Not only does he ensure that these children are healthy and safe, but also he ensures that these children get the best education available and opportunities to be gainfully employed.

Several years ago, Robert started creating small businesses and industries that could propel the orphanage in becoming self-sustaining. Today, Malayaka House has a small farm where vegetables are grown are animals are raised, a craft shop, a pizza restaurant, a mozzarella making business, and an Instructional Technology (IT) Department. In addition, Robert has implemented green energy solutions, including solar energy and water collection systems.

Edulink supports Robert and the orphanage in many ways, but most recently in helping them establish an IT department. The goal of the IT department is to train the children on technology, giving them other ways to learn and be producers of information. The IT department is also positioning itself to provide services to local businesses in the way of websites. The IT department also provides help desk services for EduLink. The relationship continues to grow and expand. We are thrilled to help support Malayaka House financially and through helping them build small businesses.