Look What’s Coming in 2016-17
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Thank You!

We wanted to thank you for your feedback!  We had several hundred principals, teachers and district administrators complete our recent feedback survey... and because of your suggestions, PA-ETEP is getting better!

100% Satisfaction is Our Goal

We value your feedback and value your satisfaction with PA-ETEP.  Overall, we had a great response to our survey with 95% of the supervisors reporting being either extremely satisfied or satisfied with PA-ETEP.  But that is not good enough, our goal is 100% satisfaction!  

Improvements for the 2016-17 School Year… Version 3.5!

Attachments – For 2016-17 school year, you will be able to attach documents at the component level… that is, anywhere you can add a comment, you will be able to add attachments.

Faster – We have already made adjustments to the software to make PA-ETEP faster and Version 3.5 will be even quicker.

Dynamic Rubric – In the fall, supervisors will be able to complete Formal Observations, Differentiated Observations, and Stand Alone rubric evaluations on any teacher or NTPE… and the language prestented in the rubric will match the specific role of the professional being observed.  

Walkthrough Scripting Tool – Many supervisors have requested the ability to script evidence (openly with a time stamp and/or directly by component area) within the Walkthrough module.  This Fall supervisors will be able to script evidence for a Walkthrough and for an Anecdotal Note.

Custom Form Builder – Coming this Fall is a new module where administrators will have the ability to create custom forms.  Do you have a ‘look for’ form?  Do you have a form you use to observe paraprofessionals or other staff?  In the fall, you will be able to build these forms inside PA-ETEP and use them to observe staff.

Other Enhancements

  • Identify tenured vs non-tenured professionals
  • Reset password tool
  • Increased security
  • New portal landing page
  • New TAC role
  • More directions / help icons
  • More printing capabilities


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“As a retired principal, district consultant, I have been very pleased with PA-ETEP’s response both by telephone as well as on the support end.  Questions are answered promptly. Trainings are timely and easy to follow. PA-ETEP was a good choice for our district.”

– Michele Fragnito, Educational Consultant, Bethlehem Area SD
“I think this product has been developed in a manner to keep up with state requirements.   It is the most complete product to meet the demands of the educator effectiveness process from observation to Act 82 evaluation forms.”
– Lauri Pendred, Principal, Seneca
Valley School District
“In terms of a comprehensive program to effectively and efficiently manage professional evaluations, PA-ETEP provides this service.  The ability to house all items in one location and to be able to track progress is a great asset to my work.”
– Joshua Weitzel, Principal, Manheim Central

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