Introducing the Custom Form Module

After many requests from school districts, PA-ETEP will be launching the Custom Form Builder Module at the beginning of 2017. The add-on module will give supervisors the ability to build custom forms for all their employees. With the Custom Form Builder Module, supervisors can create the forms they need when they need it. Data from completed forms is summarized in reports that can further direct professional development and growth.

Create the form you need when you need it!

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey Report (TPES Report)

The annual TPES Report is due no later than January 6, 2017.

“This year’s survey is exactly the same as last year’s. It captures information applicable to Pennsylvania’s classroom teacher rating tool (PDE 82-1), the principal rating tool (PDE 82-2) and the non-teaching professionals rating tool (PDE 82-3)… The submission process for this year’s collection is also the same as last year… Instructions and the survey can be found on the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey page. To ensure complete and accurate information, review all items highlighted on page 8 of the survey. Complete and return the survey to PDE via email to no later than Jan. 6, 2017.”

– PDE, Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education

To learn more about PDE’s TPES report visit the PA Department of Education.

By completing 82-1, 82-2 and 82-3 forms in PA-ETEP, administrators can utilize PA-ETEP’s TPES Building Report to help complete this annual requirement from PDE.

Better Evidence with the Attachment Module

The Attachment Module provides users an opportunity to attach a file anywhere they use the Add Comment feature. Teachers and supervisors can attach several different file types within a Formal Observation, SLO, Differentiated Observation, Walkthrough, etc.

Teachers can now add lesson plans, unit tests, assessment results, artifacts, and more.

Training for your Supervisors

Over the last four years and through the on-boarding of over 360 clients in Pennsylvania, PA-ETEP has evolved into a powerful multifaceted tool that is comprehensive and specifically aligned to the teacher effectiveness regulations of Act 82. We would like to help you take full advantage of all the features that are available to you via PA-ETEP. If you are interested in scheduling a free training session for your administrators to review your portal, provide needed training, and/or answer all of your PA-ETEP questions, please let us know. Our goal is to support you and help you get the most out of PA-ETEP.

To schedule a free refresher training, please contact Sally Sawyer at or 724-553-9354.

Recent Improvements to PA-ETEP

  • Print NTPE Observations
  • Print Stand Alone Rubrics
  • Supervisors can now change the school year on an observation
  • Supervisors can now change the evaluator on an observation
  • Supervisors can now roll back or change the status on SLOs