Custom Forms

Have you seen the new Custom Form Module? It is powerful! With Custom Forms, supervisors can create district-wide or building specific forms. Create drop-in, look-for, and other walkthrough like forms that are tailored to your needs. Create improvement plans, growth plans, surveys, etc. Forms can have a variety of question types, including open text, check-box, drop down, multiple choice, Likert scale, and rubrics. Use the forms you create with your teachers, NTPEs, and other employees, such as paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, secretaries, aides, food service, and other support staff.


Increase the value and power of your PA-ETEP portal by adding on the Attachment Module. When the Attachment Module is enabled on your portal, anywhere a supervisor, teacher, or NTPE clicks Add Comment, they can attach a file. Give updates about SLOs through attachments. Attach lesson plans within the Formal Observation process. Take pictures on your phone and attach them as evidence. The possibilities are endless!

Annual Survey

Each year we solicit feedback from our users. We use that feedback to make PA-ETEP better. Please consider telling us your thoughts and suggestions.

From the creators of PA-ETEP comes Comply!

EduLink, the creators of PA-ETEP, is building a brand new product called Comply. Comply is an online tool for tracking and managing employee compliance with:

State Mandates

Act 24 – Arrest and Conviction
Act 34 – PA Criminal History
Act 126 – Mandated Reporter
Act 59 – Cardiac Arrest
Act 26 – Safe Schools

Act 151 – Child Abuse History
Act 114 – Background Check
Act 71 – Suicide Awareness / Prevention
Act 168 – Misconduct / Abuse Disclosure
Act 15 – Volunteer Background Check

District Requirements

Section 504 Regulations
Coaching Requirements
Bullying Prevention
Dating Violence
Induction Programs

PSSA / Keystone Administration
Emergency Operation Plans
First Aid / Trauma / Concussions
Employee Handbooks

The list goes on and on…

Comply will be released this summer and ready for the 2017-18 school year. Comply is a product that can be used in conjunction with PA-ETEP or independently. Imagine, one tool, one location, for all your employees to access their requisites and complete them on time.