New Features

1.  Support – PA-ETEP has enhanced and increased their support and training materials.  Comprehensive Getting Started articles and links are now available.  View PA-ETEP Support Updates

2.  PA-ETEP Overview for Teachers and NTPEs Slideshow – Included in the slideshow is information pertaining to registration, portal navigation, email notifications, SLOs, Formal Observations, Differentiated Observations, Walkthroughs, NTPE Observations, Anecdotal Notes, 82 Forms and Support. View PA-ETEP Overview Slideshow

3.  Getting Started Links – Each major process and workflow now has a Getting Started link.  Look for the blue Getting Started links inside each module.

4.  Attachment Module – the Attachment Module is now available.  By securing the Attachment Module, districts can afford their users (teachers, NTPEs, and supervisors) the ability to attach files where ever they add a comment.  Learn more

5.  Nontenured Role – School district admin users (portal mangers) can now add the nontenured role to their teachers and NTPEs.  By adding the nontenured role to a user’s account, nontenured users can be identified and sorted on the Supervision Management page.  Learn more

6.  Self-Assessment Rubric – When you start a Formal Observation or Differentiated Observation for an NTPE, the self-assessment rubric that is presented/available to the user is now discipline specific (i.e., school counselor, school nurse, school psychologist, behavior specialist, etc.).

7.  SLO Teacher Expectations Preset Management Tool – School district admin users (portal mangers) can now create default percentages for their teacher SLO expectations.  Learn more

8.  Change Evaluator Feature – All supervisors (School District Admin, Building Principal, and NTPE Supervisors) can now change the assigned evaluator for open items.

9.  Change School Year Feature – All supervisors (School District Admin, Building Principal, and NTPE Supervisors) can now change the school year on items.

10.  Reset Password Feature – Forgot your password?  All users can now easily reset their password in a more secure and efficient manner.  Click “Login”, then “Reset Password” to see how.

Coming Soon!

Custom Form Builder – The Custom Form Builder Module is coming this fall!  The Custom Form Builder will allow district administrators to create custom forms.  Do you have a ‘look for’ form or a form you use to observe paraprofessionals or other staff members?  With the Custom Form Builder, build these forms in PA-ETEP and use them with any and/or all of your users.  To learn more about the Custom Form Builder Module, look for the upcoming Webinar.

Printing Capabilities – This fall users will have the ability to print NTPE Observations and Stand Alone Rubrics.

PVAAS 3 Year Rolling Average – PDE has announced that the 2015-16 PVAAS 3-Year Rolling Average scores will be available October 6, 2016.  When available, upload these scores/reports to PA-ETEP and make them available to your building principals.  To learn more, attend an upcoming Webinar.

Scripting Tool within Walkthrough Module – This fall supervisors will be able to script evidence by component area within the Walkthrough and Anecdotal Note modules.