PDE Releases 2015 SPP Scores

“2014-15 School Performance Profile scores and Keystone Exam results were released to the public by the department…  Pennsylvania schools with an 11th grade will receive an SPP score this year (2014-15), while those schools with a grade configuration without an 11th grade have been granted a one-year pause by the U.S. Department of Education in receiving an SPP score…”  School Performance Profile information can be found here: http://paschoolperformance.org/  Read more here.

SPP Scores can be Added to PA-ETEP

School District Admin users can add SPP (building scores) to PA-ETEP.  When saved on your district’s PA-ETEP portal, SPP scores are then made available to your building principals and supervisors when completing 82 forms.  Learn more here.

Preset Management Tool Available on PA-ETEP

PA-ETEP allows School District Admin users the ability to enter and save different scenarios for the weighted percentages for the teacher specific rating calculations on the 82-1 form. Once entered and saved, these presets can then support building principals and supervisors in remaining consistent across the district in terms of setting/using these weighted percentages for specific teachers. Learn more here.

Upcoming Webinar on December 9th, 2015 – Finalizing your 82 Forms for 2014-15 and the New Preset Management Tool for the Teacher Specific Rating Calculator – Register Now

Teacher Specific Rating Calculator Tutorial

The 82-1 form on PA-ETEP includes a Teacher Specific Rating Calculator which gives supervisors the ability to enter weighted percentages and final ratings for all the required PDE teacher specific ratings categories (i.e., Student Performance on Assessments, Value-Added Assessment System Data, Progress in Meeting Goals of Student IEPs, and Locally Developed School District Rubrics). View a tutorial and learn more here.