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Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey Deadline Extended
On December 15, PDE released a PENN LINK indicating that the due date for the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey has been extended to February 12, 2016.
“PDE has requested and been granted an extension to the federal aggregate data reporting which allows us to revise the LEA submission date. In order to allow additional time to complete the tasks related to the data collection, we are extending the deadline for reporting your aggregate results. The new due date for submitting the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey is now February 12, 2016.”

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey Data Available on PA-ETEP

The Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey that is required to be sent to the PDE by February 12, 2016 will be available to all PA-ETEP clients no later than the week of January 4, 2016. More specifically, the downloadable report generated by PA-ETEP will provide all recorded teacher, principal, and NTPE evaluation data and the aggregate evaluation data required by PDE.

Finalizing your 82 forms for 2014-15 and the New Preset Managment Tool

Access a recorded webinar to learn how to complete your 82-1 forms for 2014-15, including how to use the new Preset Management tool and Teacher Specific Rating Calculator which guides administrators through the four data layers of the Teacher Specific Rating category (i.e., Student Performance on Assessments, Value-Added Assessment System Data, Progress in Meeting Goals of Student IEPs, and Locally Developed School District Rubrics). In addition, hear questions and answers regarding the use of SPP scores.
If your district is not currently using PA-ETEP, contact our office to see how PA-ETEP can help you finalize your 82 forms for 2014-15 and generate the evaluation survey.
For more information contact Patrick Farrell via email or submit your questions here.
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